Collection: Soy Candles

Our candles are 100% soy wax hand-poured with in-house custom and thoughtfully blended scent profiles.

While the majority of Natural Order Handmade's products are made with essential oils, our candles contain fragrance oils. This was decided for many reasons. There is a common misconception that essential oils are the best route from an environmental standpoint. But, if you consider the fact that it takes an entire field of lavender to create a very small amount of essential oil, that takes a toll. Essential oils do not create an optimum scent throw in candles. The melted wax destroys much of the scent. Essential oils also can vary from batch to batch, given that they are created from natural plants and flowers, which don't always smell the same. We use premium fragrance oils that are completely phthalate, paraben, and DPG-free. They are composed primarily of aroma chemicals, aroma compounds, and some essential oils, which are specially engineered as phthalate-free.